Monday, December 22, 2003

Our Holiday so far.

I've been busy the last couple of days. No computer stuff, unfortunately. I rearranged the boys room, and cleaned out some of the old toys. The wife wants to get a dresser for his room(his clothes are in her dresser currently), and there was no space. To make space, I sorted through his massive collection of stuff, and found places for all of it. I had to move his desk back downstairs, but I found a decent place for it in the Den. Other than the desk and his blocks table, all of Matt's toys are upstairs, and the new rule is that they have to go back there at the end of the day. Wonder how long that will stick?

Instead of working on the computer, I've rearranged the room slightly. No furniture, thank goodness, but I wanted to hook the printer up using the USB cable instead of the LPT one. So, I had to make some minor adjustments which unfortunately required major recabling. I may do a new video of it later.

My son found my brother's copy of Willow yesterday at my parent's house. We've now watched it 4 times. I remember when I saw that movie, and I think Scott went with me. I cannot remember if Mike was there. What I do remember is being locked out of the car by one of Scott's co-workers as a joke. One I didn't appreciate at the time. I cannot remember who that person was though.

The wife looks like she's coming down with something. Mike was sick last friday, and couldn't come over. The boy's nose is running. I'm holding my breath.



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