Monday, December 01, 2003

Vacation's Over

Good morning. Well, it was a pretty good holiday. The girls came over and seemed to have fun. Matt definitely had fun. We rented X-men 2 (yes sir!), Charlie's Angels 2(snore), Catch me if you can(ssnnooooore!), Daddy Day Care(not as horrible as I imagined. Not great either), and Shanghai Knights(actually decent).

Matt's bus is now coming between 7:10 and 7:15 am. This is a pain because it means I won't be leaving work until 5:00 p.m. from now on. It is good because this is the same time the older kid's elementary school bus comes, and Matt's bus has to run the gauntlet of parked cars at the entrance of my subdivision. Every morning there are 10-12 cars parked right at the entrance, on both sides of the road. Each one housing parent and child. It's not fun to try to drive through this, and Matt's bus barely made it through. It scared the crud out of those folks, and that just makes my day. Maybe tomorrow they will have the sense to park on one side, thus allowing traffic to flow.

No More Smileys
Like all passing fads, I'm pretty much through with these. I've unloaded the smiley bar from my work computer, and will remove it from my home one. I am moving to the avant browser full-time. It's got a good popup blocker, plus some neat features(like tabbed browsing).

Vital Signs
Weight: 242 lbs. I'm actually pretty happy about this.

Weightlifting(last Monday, and today as well)
bench 140lbs x1 (10 reps)
curl 45lbs x2 (8 reps)
situps 50 reps
Leg-lifts 160lbs x1 (10 reps)
Hamstrings 135lbs x1 (10 reps)
Lat-pulls 140lbs x1 (8 reps)
Military Press 45lbs x2 (10 reps)
Lower Back 140lbs x1 (10 reps)

No Lat-pulls or Lower Back today, I hurt myself last week. So I'm taking it easy on the back. Run today.

Computer Update
I've more or less restored the WinXP load, and removed all Linux again. I got a couple of versions working, but I couldn't get the KVM switch to work with the mouse. I also decided I needed more space, as I moved the music(wma) files back to this machine. I did leave win98 on there, so the new load is win98:10gig,winXP:9gig,share partition: 41gig. I moved my scanner to this machine, since I am seeing the light at the end of the CD burning tunnel. I am going to use this box to read in all of my photo's, while I continue to work on video with my Dell.

Darkwing Update
I spoke too soon about being finished. I accidentally missed one tape. I don't have the space to read it in currently, as I've put all of the episodes on the C drive for burning. I've burnt all but the last two disks, and I am currently converting all of the episodes to wmv files. Finished today or tomorrow.

Things to buy
Milk (half-gallon)
Shaving Cream
Mike's Christmas gift
Chris's Christmas gift
Everybody Else's Christmas gift

Work Stuff
I've got to do disconnects today. Programming will be spotty until the new year due to all of my co-workers taking vactions.


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