Monday, December 08, 2003

Back from nowhere

I've been kinda blah lately, so I haven't posted in a week. I also haven't run, etc. However, I think its time to get started again so here goes.

Vital Signs
weight: 244, but you already new that.

Run today, hopefully. Weightlifting the same. I've fallen off the wagon.

Computer stuff
I bought Mike a new econo-box for Christmas. I just got the thing on Sunday, and I've already loaded it. It's interesting to look at on the inside. The board has everything included. LAN/Video/Sound, the works. The obvious drawback to this setup is that you can't adjust the box later. You're pretty much stuck with these devices forever. In fact, just to make sure you don't add anything extra, the board only comes with two PCI slots. However, since you don't have anything to add, at least it makes this machine simple to work with. It has a 40 gig HD, which I partitioned into a 10 gig OS part and a 30(ok 28) gig data part. I put win98 SE on it, and it boots up quick. The video looks good so far, but I haven't got the sound running yet.

Tonight, I will add some extra software, plus maybe hook up some old speakers to it to test the sound. I'm off tomorrow(you sure have lots of days off: well, it's the end of the year, and I have to take it or I'll lose it.), and I'm doing some more Christmas shopping, plus personal stuff as well.

I bought two 48X24X48 CD burners also on Saturday. One for me, One for my brother. I hooked mine into my Ginstar box(600 MHz, 60 Gig HD, 50X cdrom, win98,winXP both loaded) and it works fairly well. I'm a little disappointed that it still takes about 5 minutes to record a disc, but I think the trouble isn't with the burner. I think I've just reached the maximum data-rate between the two drives on this box. I figure a new machine with these two drives would work faster, but 5 minutes is pretty fast.

Christmas Gifts
Obviously, I know what Mike and my brother are getting. I've bought my Wife her gift. And my parents are getting Moolah(since they are both retired, this is their favorite gift). But I don't know what to get anyone else. Scott, is there something you could suggest of Simon and Emily? Plus, I've got to think of something to give my two nieces.



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