Monday, December 29, 2003

Post Holiday run-down

Different topics to cover. So here goes...

Christmas of Violence!
The boy got guns and swords for Christmas. He seemed pretty happy with all of it. I have been injured several times, and so has he. The best present was from Grandma and Grandpa. It was a pair of light-sabers. They are the official ones with the collapsible blades. These things are fairly tough, and don't seem like they'll break soon. The same can't be said for his other swords, which are already showing the dings. He got a couple of ping-pong ball guns, which he cannot shoot, and a cheap policeman set(gun, handcuffs, baton) which he can. I'm sure this is all very healthy.

Microsoft XP Plus!
Does not do what I thought it did. I downloaded some themes from Tucows, and they wouldn't quite work. Then, I noticed the requirements on the sight. If you read there, it says that, "Microsoft XP Plus!" is required. No, it isn't. What is required is a modified version of the uxtheme.dll file that comes with windows xp. So, did we waste our money on this product. Mostly yes, but I like a couple of the games, and the themes that come with it are not too bad. So I'm keeping it.

I saw Return of the King. It was great. It wasn't perfect, but I didn't expect it to be. Best parts: The Battle of Minas Tirith(which is a large chunk of the movie), and the fight with Shelob. Worst parts: The endless series of goo-goo eyes at the end. I realize that they were part of the books, and so they had to be included in some way, but I think it was a bit overdone. One complaint that is a hold-over from Two-Towers as well. Were the Oliphaunts supposed to be that big? I've read these books more times than I care to admit, and I never got the impression that they were 15 stories high! It made for impressive cinema, but It still seems ridiculous. Still, overall I liked it, and my wife liked it better than the first two.

I also saw Pirates of the Caribbean, and liked it as well. My niece brought it over while she and her cousin spent a couple of nights with us, and we watched repeatedly(well my son did anyway). I liked the pacing. If you liked the recent "mummy" movies, I think this is in the same vein.

Trouble Tickets
I've gotten trouble ticket duty again. I do not like trouble tickets.

What kind of a day is it if you don't read a pubic hair story.


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