Friday, October 31, 2003

Neato Blog Names

Having nothing topical to post, I thought I'd list some Ideas I've had(or stole) for alternative blog names.

Beefy Flavored Peptide
A Random Firing of Neurons(this acutally gets about 15 hits on google)
A Random Mis-Firing of Neurons(Mike's Alternative)
Still Waiting For Outhouse(a parody name for this page)
Captain Caucasoid
Necrophiliacs Anonymous
The Unlayable Herman Nippletwist
Off On A Tangent(Probably the best description of my conversation style there is)
I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing(My favorite comercial as a kid, my lifestyle, my epitaph).
Off-White Power

Tuesday, October 28, 2003


My son loves Spongebob, and we'd like to thank mike for all of the DVDs he contributed for the cause. We got the Spongebob Christmas DVD last Friday, and I've got one gripe. The "Extra" episodes (five of the nine on the disc) are not played when "play all" is selected. You have to play each one separately. Why? All of the other discs had full "play all" capabilities. Now, I've got to get up every 11 minutes with my son howling, "More! More! MORE!"

Beat Severe Incontenance

Linked for the Headline.

Monday, October 27, 2003


I generally like Jonah Goldberg's columns. He's humorous, and not too serious. But, today's is especially good, because it has a So I Married an Axe Murderer reference. A seriously underrated movie.

Personal Stuff

Went to Scott's house this weekend. Had a blast. The kids got to play in the back yard, and I got to catch up with Scott about many things. At dinner, Matt kept trying to break free and run in the restaurant, but other than that he was pretty well behaved for him. He didn't go to sleep on the trip home though. The first time in his life he stayed awake in a car at that time of night for that distance.

Stayed inside yesterday, just got some chores done. MP3'd and copied about 20 CD's or so. Captured and converted a new Darkwing tape. I'm going to stop capturing in that lightly compress AVI mode. The conversion of a two hour video takes forever. I'm going to try to capture straight into my custom MPEG2 format for these shows. Should save some time.

I'm starting a new diet. I say that after every meal.

I've got something I wanted to post about the Matrix, but I didn't bring the disc with me, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Lucent, my former company, and of which I own too much stock, has finally posted a profit!

Also, Bellsouth, my former former company, has posted strong earnings as well. I only have a few shares in it though(and it never went below 1 dollar like lucent).

Update: Hah! Hah! Hah! I just spellchecked this thing, and the checker wanted to replace "Bellsouth" with B*llSh*t!

Monday, October 20, 2003

Much Ado about...

OK, First things first. I have Laryngitis(I will have to spell check that). It has been coming on for a couple of days, and I cannot speak at all now. Now, I know what Mike is thinking(Yaaayyyyy!), but this bites! I have had, in the following order: Strep Throat, The Flu, a back injury, and now Laryngitis(check) within the last 2 months. I am tired of being sick! %&**&^%^%R*&%)&*^_)(&^*&@@#$#@$#@$#$#$#!!!!!!!!

Second, I am still trying to get PHP loaded correctly under Cygwin. The current issue is that I don't have the perl interpreter loaded(I do, but not under Cygwin). So, it is downloading as I type. Hopefully, apxs will execute, the configure script will run, and all will be happy with the world.

Thirdly, I spent so much time working on issue number two up there last week, that I forgot to finish building the PRIs on (Oh! for the love of pete! the freakin' Cygwin download halted! @#$%#@$#@$@$#@$#$#!) about six offices that were due Today! So, the entire morning was wasted on earning my salary building the things at top speed. Fortunately, I've done this enough times that I can handle these stressful moments without losing it.

Finally, Scott, an old friend, says he viewed the sight. I'm up to three breathing human beings having actually read something off of this thing. Time for a Beer!

Goody! The Cygwin download has resumed!

Update: The mighty blogger spell-checker couldn't find the word, so I had to google it. It appears that I spelled it correctly, amazing. The spell-checker also choked on "strep" but I think you know what I mean.

Monday, October 13, 2003


I am, sort of, a programmer. I'm actually a 5ess switch engineer/tech guy, for those who know what that is, but my primary job involves dumping, analyzing, and updating the data. This requires that I have familiarity with a variety of data tools, etc. Anyway, I've loaded mysql, Cygwin, and Apache on my laptop for testing purposes. I'm hoping to come up with a graphical 'solution' for my group to do line translations with. Should be fun.

If you are a person who has worked with the basic UNIX commands, and likes working in that environment, but is stuck in the windows world, I highly recommend Cygwin. It gives you a great Unix emulator, for free, with all the bells and whistles. It is a little intimidating to load, but well worth learning how to work with.

Weekend Update!

Spent the weekend at my grandma's. First time I've been down there without my parents. It was pretty cool, and the 'little tornado' had fun playing in the yard and pestering one of the neighbor's cats. Mostly just sat around a talked. Just a bit tired from the drive.

On a more irritating note, I hurt my back putting my son on the school bus. It's not like he's that heavy, I just turned the wrong way or something. Hurts like a MF, plus I won't be doing anything useful for a couple of days. Depressing.

Hmmm, maybe beer is the answer.

Thursday, October 09, 2003


For anyone who cares, I think that this is a substance found in beef itself. This is the substance that gives beef its yummy flavor. I read an article years ago about how scientists were going to extract this substance from beef to use as a flavor additive. I don't have any idea how successful they were, but I haven't heard anything about this since. I just like saying(writing) it.

BTW wouldn't this be a good name for a blog.