Friday, November 28, 2003

Catherine Says.....

Why do you always talk like cabbage?

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving

No blogging so far this week. I've been off, but I've been doing some major work with the PC's. I got Mike's Mom's old Compaq going again, and Mike took it home last night(presario: pentium 133, 1.5 Gig HD). I added an old 1.2 Gig hard disk to it, and also added two two-plug IDE cables, so that Mike can add another Drive if he wants. I don't know how much he will be able to do with this machine, but it was fun to set it up.

Vital Signs
No this week, vacating. But I feel....Larger.

Just a Hunk-a Hunk-a burnin'....
...Disks. I think the 4x is slowly giving out. I have decided to go ahead and buy a 52x24x52 this weekend with my remaining share of the gift card I got for the award. I will then put the old burner in my packard bell for fun. But, the good news is that I got a lot of work out of it before I was done. I used both the dell burner and the ginstar non-stop on teusday and yesterday, and I am down to less than a hundred disks. I figure the new burner will help me speed up this process, and I don't want to use my DVD burner for this kind of thing again.

I put an old 850 MB disk drive in my ginstar, with the idea of playing with the various freeware-shareware disk partitioners and formatters, but it seems to also be giving out, so I will be removing it. Oh well.

All of the Darkwings are in the Dell now, and I am formatting the last of the video captures. I've still got one episode that has a minor sound problem, and I have a partial episode(due to the fact that I taped over the first part of the tape, and managed to clip this one). The partial episode is only missing a minute or so of footage, so I'm going to incorporate it into the disks anyway. Maybe with a little disclaimer in front. The next big project will be my home video and all of my photo's. I've got several type's of photo disk software, I'm not sure which is the best one.

Thanksgiving Stuff
My two nieces, Catherine and Lori, are coming to spend a couple of days at our house. We are going to my wife's old home for dinner, and then bringing them back with us. It should be interesting. I probably wont be posting again until Saturday. Anyway, to all who read this:

Have a Happy thanksgiving.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Good Morning

Three new blog names
Verbal Diarrhea - already told Mike this one
No Dial Tone(Can't Be Called) - a phone reference
Fat Sam - Autobiographical, also a movie reference.

Wife's Wifi Woes
No new progress, couldn't get the her tech support on the phone last night.

New Movies
I mentioned that I got TTEE below, but I also bought:
Jumanji - To replace my Video Tape(no its not broken, I'm slowly replacing all of my videos that I like with dvds)
Spawn - I like it.
Bicentenial man - I also like this movie. Tried to show it to Matt last night, he hated it.
Jimmy Neutron - Borrowed this from Mike a while back. Liked it, but price at Best Buy and Media Play were too high. Walmart had it for $15.

Vital Signs
Weight: 241 lbs.
Ran yesterday 40 mins at 4.8 mph. Same today.

bench 130lbs x1
curl 40lbs x2
situps 50 reps
Leg-lifts 150lbs x1
Hamstrings 125lbs x1
Lat-pulls 130lbs x1
Military Press 40lbs x2
Lower Back 130lbs x1

I managed to hurt my back again. Not as bad as last time, but I may skip the back stuff(Lats and lower back) tomorrow.

A Question
Scott, Mike once told me you had found a decent piece of freeware or shareware multi-track recording software. Can you tell me what it is called, and where I can find it?

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Big Changes

Took the Face, the Chum Bucket Photo, both of the sponsors(blogspot, sqawkbox) and melded them together into a single image. Used mapping to link Mike, Both of Scotts pages, my page, and the two sponsors. pretty neat. Removed all of the blogs, and added them to a new page. The new Political links, which combines the political stuff from the old general links page with the blogs. I really don't like how that page turned out, but I wanted to use that photo, and didn't want to trash it after I was done. I will probably do extreme modifications later.

UPDATE: going to change the links again:

ANOTHER UPDATE: OK, it seems I was linking the picture to my laptop hard disk. I couldn't get the photo up last night on my home machine. Oh well. It's fixed now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Funny Headline

Buckwheat may be beneficial for fighting Diabetes. The Little Rascals, is there anything they can't do.

Work and stuff

SwitchTP is fixed. It only took about five lines of code, once I figured out how to bypass the Tk call to the openFileDialog, and replace it is Win32::Fileop's version instead. Seems to work well. (No links because, no one cares.)

Vital Signs
Weight: 242 lbs.

bench 130lbs x1
curl 40lbs x2
situps 50 reps
Leg-lifts 150lbs x1
Hamstrings 125lbs x1
Lat-pulls 130lbs x1
Military Press 40lbs x2
Lower Back 130lbs x1

run later

Browsers and Toolbars
Have completely converted to the "mywebsearch" toolbar for explorer. Google and Altavista gone. This toolbar blocks popups, searches google, and lets me use smileys. It also has a cursor changing feature. Opera is also gone. I have decided to use the Avant Browser. This browser is actually just I.E. with some add-ons. But, it has Opera-like speed and tabbed-browsing. Also, since it shares it's base toolbars with I.E., I can update my links folders from either browser and still have access to them. This configuration allows me to minimize the total number of toolbars on my browsers. Also, Opera didn't quite render my page the same way as exporer.

Linux Box
Have loaded Linux on my Ginstar machine. I still have the XP Pro load on it as well, and I am working toward adding Win98 S.E. When I get this done I'm going to blog the entire procedure, for no other reason so that I don't have to re-learn it when I do this again.

Monday, November 17, 2003


Here are those slate articles on splenda, and other low carb stuff.


ran 4.8 mph 40 mins.

Save It.

Just saving the following links so I can purge them from my links folder:
RGB colors
HTML Tutorial
Energy Resources

I've linked most of these before:


Ever seen that simpsons episode where Homer becomes a farmer? He has little luck until he gets his nuclear plant buddies to send him a little nuclear waste. He poors the waste on the ground and, voila', tomacco.

Toolbar Redux
M'kay. I just noticed that the Smiley Bar, which comes with(e.g. forces you to use) the MyWebSearch tool, also comes with a popup blocker. I'm going to deactivate google's and test this one. Since I already have to google deskbar, and if this works, I may just use this bar instead.
UPDATE: unlike the google and altavista bars, this one insists on being on the left hand side, I have adjusted the other toolbars accoringly. PopSwatter seems to work well.

Vital Signs
Sunday Weight: 243 lbs.
Today's Weight: 242 lbs.
It's going in the right direction.

Later Run and Lift weights.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Vital Signs

Weight: 244 lbs. Too much Taco Bell

bench 130lbs x1
curl 40lbs x2
situps 50 reps
Leg-lifts 150lbs x1
Hamstrings 125lbs x1
Lat-pulls 130lbs x1
Military Press 40lbs x2
Lower Back 130lbs x1

Some new changes

Put the header into the main column body, thus allowing the sidebar to rise to the top. Also discovered these:


Friday, November 14, 2003

Morning Report

The photo is loaded, but I see this morning that what looked great at home looks weird here. I think the problem is a resolution issue. At home My machine is 1600x1200. Here it's 1024x768. So, I think I'm just going back to a solid color. Something Dark. Also, I notice my font changes don't seem to be taking effect at home, so I'll mess with them as well.

Update: OK, picture is gone. Color scheme all changed. Found a new website for color values.

Regarding the title. This was the big change in the Lion King special edition. This single, terribly weak, song. I invite comments.

Vital Signs
Weight 242 lbs.

bench 120lbs x1
curl 35lbs x2
situps 50 reps
Leg-lifts 125lbs x1
Hamstrings 100lbs x1
Lat-pulls 120lbs x1
Military Press 35lbs x2
Lower Back 120lbs x1

I also ran 4.7mph for 40 mins yesterday. The workout room has a TV with a built in VCR. I brought Fletch and watched the first half. Today, the second half.

The pop-up blocking feature from the google toolbar seems to turned off. My guess is that the toolbar changed a explorer setting, and the IT boot-up script changed it back the next morning. Scott, you wouldn't have any ideas about what that setting is do you?

While I'm on this subject, IT forces me to keep my home page assigned to an internal site. I wouldn't mind this if I used the site often, but I rarely need it. You wouldn't happen to know a hack to get around this would you?

Thursday, November 13, 2003


Read this. Makes you want to shoot all the lawyers.

HTML info

One of the places I've found to look up HTML data is here. I'm sure there are a log of sites like this, but I find this one pretty easy to navigate.

Script run

The customer change has been made with no errors (applause applause). And today is the day I'm supposed to get my award. This just goes to show, whininghard work pays off.

Got here early.

And I immediately had to go to work. Co-worker needed help with batch input. Not too difficult(though I haven't ran the real file yet, since it concerns a live customer). Anyway.

Vital Signs
Weight: 241
No run yesterday. Too busy. There will be one today.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

More Tinkering

As you can see, I've edited the Style a bit. Eventually I hope to replace the grey header background with a pic, and have the pic slowly disolve into the grey on the right side. For now, these are the new changes.

Crap, I say, Crap
The Roxio software puked at the very end of Making the most recent Darkwing, and the sound is all fudged up.

Steve, note to yourself, look here in the morning.

Finally Pics

Here are a few recent pics of Matt.

Call Matt Ishmael

Call me Moby.

Sunshine. In my eyes....

...burns out my retinas. I have got to get going to work earlier in the Morning. I spent thirty minutes facing the sun today. Bleah!


Vital Signs
weight: 243 lbs. Aaauugh!

Run later.
Pics later.

currently reloading Linux box with Redhat 9.0.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

OK I was wrong

I got some good pictures scanned in, but they are way to large to upload to my measly 10 megs of webspace. I'm going to have to shrink them some, but I haven't got any time left to do it tonight. So, I will try to move the pics to my laptop tomorrow morning(right now I'm processing yet another Darkwing episode).

I did my weightlifting:
bench 120lbs x1
curl 35lbs x2
situps 50 reps
Leg-lifts 125lbs x1
Hamstrings 100lbs x1
Lat-pulls 120lbs x1
Military Press 35lbs x2
Lower Back 120lbs x1

I also ran 4.7mph for 40 mins.

Good Night.

Posting from Linux

I am using my laptop to download data from the switches today. This takes a while, so I am blogging from my Linux box I have set up from work. The first thing about this is that Blogger looks completely different under Mozilla based Browsers(I am using Galeon). Second, not all of the buttons are available, which is why I will be linking less today. I'm too lazy to type them out. Finally, I notice that my post about the Matrix, which is supposed to be invisible, is completely viewable by Galeon. I checked with internet explorer, and you cannot read it with that. I hope that Netscape will not reveal it.


Vital Signs
Weight: 242 lbs.

Ran yesterday. 4.7mph for 40 minutes.
Run today.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Matrix Revolutions

Pretty Good. Mike, I know you didn't think much of Reloaded, so frankly I don't think you'll like it. The effects are good, but there is overkill. There is definitely less talking in this one. The ending is vague. However, unlike most people, I think there was a definite logic to it. Since I don't want to give away the ending, the rest of this will have to be highlighted to be read.

First of all, Trinity dies. Just before Neo confronts the Giant Matrix Monster head, she gets perforated by rebar or something. I'm not sure how that scene went entirely, because I used it for a bathroom break. Second, I'm not sure if Neo is alive or dead at the end, but I think he is supposed to be dead. Jesus moment. That.

Now, here is what I think the story is all about. Neo was a scheme cooked up by the oracle to force the Matrix(specifically, The Architect) to change the Matrix to be less absolute in its construction. More friendly. I know this is Vague, but this is the best way I can describe it. It turns out that the whole program deletion thing is more important than was implied from the second movie. Turns out that some programs are just nice friendly people who want to continue living. The guy I described in an earlier post, the one I thought we were being given a hint about, turns out to be a program with an official function in the Program World. He has a wife, and together they have created a child program that has no function. Programs with no function are deleted, so the guy is having his daughter moved to the Matrix so she can live. I think that it is the dilemma of programs like these, as much as the issue of the enslaved humans, that drives the Oracle.

So, what does this have to do with Neo. I think that Neo was intended to be exactly what the Architect said, the official One that would reset the whole Zion creation process. However, I think the Oracle messed with Neo's creation, causing him to be more than simply the "result of an unbalanced equation". I think Neo carried a Virus that allowed for the creation and destruction of the aberrant program Smith. The Oracle, who can see into the future(or at least predict it within certain probabilities), saw a method for forcing the Architect to change. Neo, in destroying Smith in the first movie, created the Aberration. Smith, a system program, but now with some measure of Neo's power to remake the Matrix, is now compelled to take over the Matrix. Smith would be unstoppable, but Neo has what I call, for lack of a better term, the counter-virus inside him. "All things that have a beginning have and end," goeth the phrase. Neo's purpose is to be the Alpha and Omega of Smith. At the end of the Final Battle between Smith and Neo, Neo gets his butt whupped. Smith has absorbed the Oracle, and now has her abilities as well. He claims that he has foreseen Neos end here. But, he starts acting confused. Neo, finally realizing what he must do, allows Smith to absorb him. This kills Neo, I think, but activates the counter virus. After Neo is absorbed, the Oracle "Smith" begins to realize what is happening, and says "it is a trick." I believe at this point, he realizes the whole thing was a ruse from the beginning, but it is too late for him. The counter virus runs its course, destroying the Smith virus. The Machines have made a bargain with Neo that if he defeats Smith, they will make peace with humanity. I assume the whole conversation between the Architect and Oracle was about freeing both humans and programs that wished to be free.

This has gone on much longer than I planned, but such as it is, I am finished.

Getting back to Linux

Now that my CD burning setup has gone ker-futt on my Ginstar Box, I thought that I would rebuild the computer with a Multi-boot setup. I have had this machine set this way before, and I miss being able to use the different OS's. My probable configuration will be Win98SE, WinXPpro, Redhat-Linux 9.0(Shrike). In my last setup, I also had MS-DOS, but I found that I never used it. I will partition the 60 gig HD with three OS partitions(fat32ld,ntfs5.0,extfs3.0) with ten gigs apiece, and a single shared partition for data(fat32) with 30 gigs (roughly). The only issue I have with this, is that Linux seemed to have a problem with my KVM switch. Any time I clicked away after bootup, I couldn't control the mouse any more. I will search and see if this is a common problem, and what, if anything, I can do about it.

Update: found two solutions already:
found one solution.
found another solution.

This is for mike

click here.

Even, Even More Blog Names

The 123rd Beatle
The Chum Bucket(a la Spongebob, already adopted by Mike).
Herm The Gigantotherm
God, Guns, and Football(redneck blog)
The Bloviator
The Society For The Prevention Of Carrot Top
'First-Name' "Two Balls" 'Last-Name' (can use your own name here)
Were All Gonna Die! (you know, eventually)

Attention! Attention! Attention!

Mike is 34 years old today. Emily is 3. Happy Birthday to both of them!

Vital Signs
Might as well get this over with. After a weekend of aggressive eating, I now weigh....
243 lbs.

bench 120lbs x1
curl 35lbs x2
situps 50 reps
Leg-lifts 125lbs x1
Hamstrings 100lbs x1
Lat-pulls 120lbs x1
Military Press 35lbs x2
Lower Back 120lbs x1

This week is still not too difficult. Next week, things will begin to hurt. Run Later

Friday, November 07, 2003

Vital Signs

Weight: 240 lbs. run later.

Virginia Postrel

...has an article on Milton Friedman in the New York Times(I think registration is required to read it). It's a pretty good primer on the man. Link via Hit and Run.

Why I read Lileks

James Lileks has seen M3, and he gives it a sort-of thumbs up. But this passage here, is why I read the man...

"...The invasion of Zion was one of the most impressive visual achievements I've ever seen on the screen – and this was one of the set-pieces the critics sniffed at. The scenes en route to the Machine City: whoa, to quote the poet. And the final fight between Neo and Smith is every comic book I read as a kid come to life and amped up beyond anything I dreamed. I never thought I would see things like that. Having seen them, I’m grateful. Five bucks for that? Hell, I would have paid eight.

We still see the limits of technology, though. Computer graphics can make a thousand flying squid flow through a hole in a vast concrete dome; they can bring to live tanks the size of mountains, animate robot oracles whose face is made up of a million pieces of metal swarming in frantic concert.

But they can’t take 27 pounds of Laurence Fishburn."

Read it all here.

I'm seeing it monday with my wife.

UPDATE: Really read it. OK. After the review, he Fisks a Harry Knowles review of the movie that drifts mightily from its topic. Another great quote...

"I don’t know what’s more frightening – the idea that anyone takes this boy seriously, or the idea that he’s right: an entire generation got their moral instruction from a Matthew Broderick movie about a computer named after a Burger King specialty."

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Vital Signs

Weight: 241 lbs.

run later

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

No Video tonight

Parents stayed for supper. Doubtful any weight loss today. Had hamburgers(beef tastes guud). Boy watched Nemo five times tonight. Spent little extra time unloading Perl, Apache, and the rest, and reloading as described below. Seems to work. Going to work out kinks tomorrow. Just burning a CD or two.


bench 110lbs x1
curl 30lbs x2
situps 45 reps
Leg-lifts 110lbs x1
Hamstrings 85lbs x1
Lat-pulls 110lbs x1
Military Press 35lbs x2
Lower Back 110lbs x1


Additional example of Government Perfidity. A guy goes to jail for not cleaning his lawn. I am unsure, from reading the article, whether the stuff this guy had in his yard was dangerous. It is possible that it was, but the article only says "airplane parts, auto parts, barrels and big pieces of fiberglass". Other than the fiberglass, I can't see how the other things were dangerous as long as you stayed outside his yard.

Here's another link about Tommy Chong.
UPDATE: here's another link, via Scott in the comments below. Scott noted this quote:

"Chong, 65, admitted having a marijuana problem, but said he was overcoming it through hobbies such as salsa dancing."

Links via this post at Hit and Run.

A Universal Certificate.

Fred has a pretty good suggestion about how to deal with poor education in america. Stop educating. Just come up with a series of standard tests for both High School and College level courses, and let score speak for itself when one is applying for a job. This info could be learned at school, or home, or wherever. The only problem is, as fred notes....

"Who would write the universal test? There's the rub. If the present professoriate got anywhere near it, they would intellectually disembowel it, translate it into Ebonics, and stuff it full of crypto-Marxist blather like a taxidermist given to excess. I would suggest a committee of people who had worked in their fields but could prove they had never taught."

A warning for those who would read Fred's site. He pulls no punches, and his beliefs are, well, paleoconservative is the most apt description I can give. Many will be offended, especially when he speaks on the subject of race. You have been warned.

Dog Shoots Man

Read it.

You know, I think I've heard of stories like this before.

Even More Blog Names

Training my parasites.
Mike's Angry Website(Weblog? Christmas?)
'Taint Corn! It's Dope! (from Bloom County)
The Armenian Prospect
Fornicate Thee!
Free Tommy Chong!
Choad! the wet spunk itNevermind!
Award Winning Yak Recipes!

About Tommy Chong. Is this not the stupidest waste of money there ever was. 9 months for selling a bong!

Web Comic

Today's Foxtrot feels appropriate to me.

Last of 3M

This is my final post on the McKitrick, McIntyre, and Mann Issue. Things seem to have wound down. The final verdict is best summed up by this quote(via quark soup, as usual):

"The M&M article is undoubtedly a load of crap, but it served its purpose well: it's in the discourse and will be cited repeatedly by those trying to discredit global warming.......

.....Mission accomplished."

Things like this do enter the public arena, are poorly understood, but are used to defend a position that is without merit. Now, I can't say that I completely agree with the quote. I admit I can't make myself read the more technical things posted on this subject. Whether they are above my head, or are pure nonsense, I can't tell. But, it is telling that no one on the skeptical side will venture into these forums and go point for point with their opponents. I find this is especially true of TCS. Plenty of skeptical articles there, but when someone challenges them on their facts, they never reply.

Unfortunately, the anti-skeptics really don't have substantive answers for the problem. I've seen articles claiming that Kyoto and Kyoto-like agreements will be economical suicide, and I've seen responses that say it won't be that bad. Truthfully, I cannot see how you can increase the price of fuel, without any concurrent reductions in other taxes, and not cause some economic hardship. I don't think the American public will accept austerity measures. Sure, you might get a bill passed like the recent McCain-Lieberman bill(not passed,but close). But, when the pain hits, competing politicians are going to eat the lunches of the bill's signatories.

Renewables are not ready. There are companies that produce windmills and solar cells for a profit, but very little commercial power is produced by these methods. I do not believe that there is a conspiracy against these sources, I just believe that they have energy density issues that have yet to be resolved.

What to do? If the only energy sources we have are harming us, and the future potential ones are not up to snuff. Then I think the best thing to do is push fuel conserving technologies, and carbon sequestration. Also, a major ramp up in alternative energy investing would probably be a good idea. Other than that, just hope that this global warming stuff is overblown, or that it won't be that harmful.

I've mentioned Quark Soup a half dozen times. Since I'm linking FuturePundit many times in this entry, I thought I should point him out by name.

Honorable mention: Ken Miles has posts on this story as well. here and here and here.

Lileks on the Matrix

Jimmy Lilex seems to think the final Matrix movie will not be good.

".....bring small pocket knife to Matrix Revolutions so you can stab self in leg to remind self whose brilliant idea it was to endure this slab o' crap again."

I like his comments on movies in general.

"It's odd, but movies have ceased to be important in the way they once were. I still love them; they're still America's Best Entertainment Value, unless they contain trace elements of Adam Sandler....."

UPDATE: First review I've read agrees. I'm still going to see it.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Tootin' my own horn.

Hey, I just got this thing:

We are honored to inform you that
You have been selected to receive
the PRAISE Award!

Your fellow employees at "company withheld" wish to recognize your diligence
and hard work and say THANK YOU Samuel!

The PRAISE program (Public Recognition for Achievement of
Individual Supreme Effort) recognizes invaluable employees who go above
and beyond their scope of responsibility and whose goals, performance and
achievements place them as leaders among their peers.

Awarded quarterly, you are among a distinguished group who have
identified and tackled challenges or opportunities; overcame obstacles and
barriers; used creativity, ingenuity, perseverance and empowerment; and
went above and beyond the expectations of management.

As a winner you will
receive a $### gift card and you are now eligible for the yearly award of

So, now it's off to lunch.

Vital Signs

Weight: 240 lbs. Woo! Hoo!

bench 110lbs x1
curl 30lbs x2
situps 35 reps
Leg-lifts 110lbs x1
Hamstrings 85lbs x1
Lat-pulls 110lbs x1
Military Press 35lbs x2
Lower Back 110lbs x1

Three new Darkwing DVDs done. Lots of CDs MP3'd and burnt.

Chores: Did my oil change last week. Today, last mow of year, and poison weeds on The Giant Hill.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Harry Potter Redux.

Regarding my previous dig at "Chamber of Secrets." It has kept my son quiet and out of my study for about 30 minutes, so it aint all bad. One of the joys of parenting, when you haven't heard any noise for that long, you get anxious.

Other blogs

Scott has updated his page again, and has now started a Photo-blog. Kewl.

Humor link found there.

Scott, I'm linking Sky Is Blue on the right.
UPDATE: Scott I'm a moron who forgot the ".net". It's fixed now though.

Mike, I've thought of a few new names:
Banjo's Diary
Cheap Organ Meat
Manly Cleavage
You Turkish Git
Mr. Bojangles(Sorry, I'll delete this if you want)

Sunday, November 02, 2003

More Blog Names

Here are a few others I've thought of, or forgot to mention the first time.

Shut Up! He explained. (I've read this several places, not sure whom to attribute it to)
No Opinion
I'm... Gonna... Blaaauuugh!!!!!(Blaugh.. blog.. get it?)
I Hate You All
Ramallah Snackbar
Beer is the Answer(Origin: Simpsons. I think. Although Mike and I(and a lot of other people) have embraced this)
Wholly Shiite(a little different from Mike's original, but funny still, I think)

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Funny Stuff

I'm sitting at Headquarters, and my brother-in-law Chris is showing me this stuff. Go here, and here.

Good Morning...

My son is up, and still wearing his Spider-Man costume. (Did he love it? Does a bear.... live in the woods?). He is currently watching the second Harry Potter movie. Look, I am a big fan of the books, as-well-as the first movie. But, this one really reeked. The acting as all off, as if nobody was really into it, and they squashed everything from the book into 2 1/2 hours. However, this one is spookier than the first one(especially with the spiders), so Matt likes it.

Darkwing Tapes

OK, I've captured two new Darkwing tapes. The first was in the generic video format(AVI, 720X480). I then converted it to mpeg2(352X480). The second was captured in mpeg2 at 352X240. I couldn't capture in 352x480 because the Roxio software didn't give me the option. But, I'm going to make two versions of the same episode and test them both to see if I can discern a serious difference. If they look about the same, it will allow me to speed up the production of the DVD's. The file size doesn't change much, so still just 3 episodes per disk.

UPDATE: Oh, I'm also ripping my new The Best of R.E.M. In Time 1988-2003. Who needs Napster, of Kazaa, or whatever, when you got Mike. Thanks Mike! Ooooo! I wanna be... I wanna be... I wanna be... like Mi-ike!

UPDATE 2: OK, the 352x240 was definately inferior to 352x480(I know what your thinking, duh!), but it is weird since the file size is exactly the same for both files. So I'm sticking with 480, which means that I'll have to continue to capture in one format, convert to another, then burn.